Stub (compilation of unreleased, split & demo versions of tracks)

by Engage At Will

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unreleased, split & demo versions of tracks


released September 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Engage At Will город Санкт Петербург, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Fear (English version)
This is your world
Your life
Your choice
Hold out

In and out,
Forward to the top
It’s suicide rush of man
Into the city’s abdomen.

Madness of streets, Block’s kid,
Slum’s dweller - Special breed

The moon is tossing - It is in jail
Flights of stairs won’t wail

It’s a violent place
War game before your face
TV show of rage
“Live to the old age ”

This is your world
Your life
Your choice
Hold out

You’re the bomb, pulsing in the yard
Hiding yourself, breathing hard
Insolent stars sorely mock
Looking through the window at folk

Shinning like poison fear’s quicksilver
Drop by drop slips in a liver

Move forward in touch
Way backward is forbidden
Inside you gathered
Cigarette sparks are hidden

Slanting shadow breaks the silence
With heavy strides sounds of violence

Starlit night will finish my day
With the man who’ll kill me I’m at bay
Track Name: We must shout (English version)
This is new form of insubordination
Known by all from their childhood
If you want to get more than your ration
Shout loud as you could

Shout that disturbs rich fat gorged boors
It’s the last weapon of hungry & poor
Shout of one can be easily shut
It’s nothing but how many voices we got?

Shout, no more keeping silence
Shout, try to do it once
Shout, shout do it aloud
Shout, shout we must shout
Track Name: City (English version)
Night, dust, snow & ice
City traps men, lust & vice
Stones of quays, boxes of blocks
Net of cables, metro’s holes
Streets is like veins, Roofs is like newspapers
The sky reads them. Crowds of gapers.
Summer has ended, washed out by the rains
City laughs until it cries, glad & fain

City - accurate dash
Splendid luxury’s near with cheap trash
City – panic & fear
New fight begins hear
City continues it’s crack
Drawing bead on your back
City is the fatal hive
Ghost chance to survive

Autumn, dream, laziness, ash
People are gulped into metro’s gash
I’m pretending to have no fear
But for me everything’s blear.

Sphinxes propose their riddles
Chimeras spread nets, my nerves on their kiddles
Troops of advertisings darkly bites
I’m sinking in the sea of neon lights

Bedroom communities are noisy as hive
Autumn morning where I’m ready to dive
Hundred of corners, these are city’s bones
And I’m cut by these sharp stones

Poverty shines, money slaps in the face
Sick old woman and rich lazy ass
Homeless cripple don’t bother your wit
City has eaten us, our skin is granite
Track Name: Alone (English version)
In the chain of days
In the train of fails
You keep on your fight
Play your game right

Burn down with set of light
Rise from the ashes of the night
Day by day years have gone
Without any change you’re alone

Among all your friends
Among all your girls
You feel right at home –
This circle is close

But in the silent walls
Thoughts fall apart
You’re here for ages
Like that stick in the throat

Alone – like a shot in the gun
Alone – like a corps in the ground
Alone, your way isn’t laid
Alone, cutting essence like blade

How many faces
How many opinions
Prejudicial pride
Unsuccessful yearnings

Humiliation, pain
And silent protest
You’ve buried them
Inside yourself

But there’ll be the time
It has to come
You will face the choice
You can’t remain dumb

Only two ways -
Only “no” or “yes”
You are alone
There’s no one else
Track Name: I (English version)
I – this is short word
I – this is really enough
I – who should do it?
I – the answer’s above

I – inhabitant’s frightened
I – he couldn’t decide
I – he won’t do anything
I – he’s not on your side

I – be sure in yourself
I – you’ll do what you need
I – all answers you’ll find
I – if you don’t waver indeed

Use! Your own mind!
Prove! You theorems & more!
Don’t drive yourself in corner
Destroy their system & break their law
Use! Your own mind
Do! What you need to do!
It will be quite right
If only other doesn’t decide instead you
Track Name: Justice (English version)
Bloody tears,
No! – rivers of blood
Our time is sinking
In illegality’s flood
Inquisition’s times
Middle Ages is near
Money makes law
Code’s based on fear
You’re not selling out?
How much do you cost?
You’re so naive
Your pride’s not yet lost
That’s your attitude
That’s your own lore
But all live here
To sell out for more

Justice, truth
Freedom, presumption
How much does it cost?
Your absolution.
The gun in your mouth
The feeling of weakness
This is time of violence
Illegality’s richness.

You lived in your world
Survived as you could
Life taught you hard
You got to stay rude
Scars on the skin –
Recollection till death
Everyone for himself
And no one will help
Don’t renounce from the jail
Don’t renounce from begging
They’ll equalize all
If they start tagging
But someone is
Beyond their control.
Yoke for resigned
For others - pitfall
Track Name: Immigrate song (English version)
That’s all! We’ll never return here
This country doesn’t exist no more
Our land has disappeared
We are victims of war.
Ground was broken like ice
Fissures are full of milestones
Swamps, woods, sand dust
Border are strong like a stone

We’ve been pawned without a term
We have been drunk away
We’ve been gambled away
Immigrants – our name for today
Everyone’s independent
In our new state
But to shake your hand
I’ve got to have paper with stamp

Stop! Danger zone!
Stop! Or I’ll start the fire!
We changed names of countries
But forgot to remove barbed wire!
Stop! Danger zone!
Stop! Don’t come closer!
What will be next?
My destiny’s dosser

This town doesn’t exist no more
These people are without the law
This country doesn’t exist no more
We all are immigrants without the law
Somebody’s business
Small co-operative
Turned all in a hell
Cosa Nostra Incorporated

Let’s cut earth on unequal parts
Add chauvinism – pastry for tarts
Prejudices will come as spice
Mass-media filling straight off ice
Powder this with destinies milled
Provocation is zest instant & pilled
As salt use tears and obit
Dessert is ready! Bon appetite!
Track Name: We're together! (English version)
When all shout democracy & the one rules indeed
When everyone are partners, & only one holds the lead
When you can be everywhere but don’t forget your passport
Freedom emasculated by laws - we should abort

We’re together! The words of one song
Together! Clenching fingers into fist
We’re together! We’re moving along
Side by side to dispel this mist

We’re together! We have ever been
Together – crosses, badges, tattoos
We’re together! Today I’m on the scene
Tomorrow it will be you.

When doubts are numerous
And the answer isn’t found
The wall is on your way
And the path ends at bound

When there’re tears & pain
And only problems around
When your forces are over
And you is on the ground

At such moments don’t forget
You’re not alone
If we are together
All troubles will be gone

If one is not for himself
If we’re one after another
We’ll be unbreakable
Remember this, brother!
Track Name: Our music (English version)
Too much empty words, too much twaddle.
How many seeds do we need to see something grown?
How many thoughts we had to sort out
To put some fire in your heart?
Billions of hearts beat in this flames
Getting stronger & stronger in fights & war games.
You gain experience in this muss
You become tougher - you’re one of us.

Notwithstanding & against all
We’ll keep on doing this hardcore
With no turning back, without false feelings
Your eyes reflects fire, the fire of greening
All your arms all wet faces emit
The music of the streets It has no limits
And again they will change their jus
To steal something new from us

It’s hard to stand up but it’s harder to stand on
When war’s going on
Generation of those who fucked up their lives
Turning them into shit piles
They putter about garbage heap of their days
Teaching us how to live, doing what they say
But their authority weakens & their time they omit
Our music is now here, you can’t hide from it

For all who don’t sleep
And for those who know
Who they really are
And where they should go
For those who’s life
is a real punk rock
& punk isn’t simply
Fashion trend & scalp lock